Visual Effects
Stock and Customised clips to extend your own video productions.
Creating video footage too costly or too difficult to film.
Dynamic Motion clips created from your stills archive.
Timelapse animation of still images.
Extreme Slow Motion effects.
Animation of elements within your existing photos and footage.
Bringing Landscape Photography to life with animated nature.
Under the
Sea King
A short SloMo clip animated from still images showing a perspective from below a Sea King helicopter that someone in need of resucue might see.
Stock Clip - No Audio
Broadway Tower
A short timelapse clip condensing 6 minutes of nature into only 4 seconds. The tower is a folly built by the Earl of Coventry in The Cotswolds, England.
Stock Clip - No Audio

Stanway House
8 seconds of timelapse showing this magnificent Jacobean manor house in The Cotswolds, England.
Stock Clip - No Audio

Time waits for
no one
A short clip derived from two photos with a little bit of CGI effects to create and animate the moving second hand.
Stock Clip - No Audio
A short timelapse clip derived from a series of high-res photos which creates simple and generic countryside footage available at 4K resolution.
Stock Clip - No Audio